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Top Interior Style Design Ideas for Winter 2021

Top Interior Style Design Ideas For Winter 2021

By Emily Miller

As winter draws near, we are preparing for leafless trees, longer nights, and snowy days. The colder weather of winter means more time spent indoors. So now is a great time to plan ahead and prepare for the upcoming season by rethinking and updating your home’s interior design. 

Not all interior design adjustments require a total makeover however. In this article, we will take a look at some of the current interior style design trends. Then we will include helpful suggestions for how to incorporate these top interior design style ideas into your home decor- for any budget. Let’s take a look. 

1. Cozy Textured Materials

Furniture and decorative objects made from natural materials can completely transform the feeling of any room. This past year, expert interior designers have noticed a renewed desire for natural materials. Rattan furniture, cane webbing, and textured wall hangings all bring a sense of softness and calm to any room. Jute, leather, and ceramics provide interesting textural contrasts in furniture and objects. Light-toned wooden tables set off thick woolly carpets nicely. Or spring for a live edge wooden table that emphasizes the natural curve of the tree bark. 

Other easy accessory choices can include marble coffee tables, wicker baskets, terracotta vases, and earth-toned pillows and throw blankets. Knitted pillowcases, leather floor cushions, jute rugs, and woven poufs can make your living room feel extra cozy and inviting for those cold winter afternoons. Hang up some chunky, textured, woven wall hangings to further soften the look...